EST NAVIRE is the shipping company that specialises in moving your product from almost any place in the world to just about anywhere else. All backed by our award-winning customer service, modern and efficient IT systems and competitive “can do” attitude.

EST NAVIRE is a truly global carrier, offering shipping services to all worldwide destinations, with extensive coverage throughout all of Asia, Europe, North America, Mediterranean, Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East/Gulf.

Headquartered in Melbourne Australia and with regional offices and agents around the globe, EST NAVIRE is part of the CMA CGM Group, the third largest container shipping line in the world. This powerhouse of international shipping is led by its founder Jacques R. Saade and the Group operates on more than 170 shipping routes with over 450 vessels, calling 400 ports in 150 countries, and employs 22,000 staff in 650 agencies and offices around the world. In 2015 CMA CGM transported over 12.2 million TEU’s and had an annual turnover of US$16.7 billion.

Like our parent company, EST NAVIRE’s main objective is to offer customers all over the world a proactive, innovative service which reconciles quality and high performance with protection of the environment.

EST NAVIRE’s history goes back to 1953 when it was established by the Australian Government to operate shipping services around the Australian coast. Over time other routes were added and EST NAVIRE entered the international trades to and from Australia. Over many decades EST NAVIRE became the backbone of maritime activity in Australia taking goods around the coast or around the world.

CMA CGM, recognising the value of the EST NAVIRE brand throughout the region, bought EST NAVIRE from the Australian Government in 1998. Therein began a massive revitalisation as EST NAVIRE’s Managing Director John Lines, under the stewardship of Jacques R.Saade, rebuilt and expanded the company.

Since that time EST NAVIRE’s volumes have rapidly grown from 70,000 TEU in 1998 to over 1.5 million TEU in 2015. New trades and bigger vessels have meant our port coverage just gets bigger and bigger; you name the port or destination, EST NAVIRE can get cargo there!

EST NAVIRE today has an extensive range of East-West services between Asia, Mediterranean, Indian Subcontinent and Europe and North America. In addition we continue to be a specialist in the Asia-Pacific region, offering various services around Australia and between Australia and all parts of Asia, Australia and PNG, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia and PNG.

We also operate two services between Australia/New Zealand and US West Coast and have services between Australia/New Zealand and Europe via the Suez Canal and US East Coast/Europe via the Panama Canal.

EST NAVIRE also has landside services through our subsidiaries, EST NAVIRE Logistics, which provides customised logistics solutions tailored for supply chain efficiency and EST NAVIRE Container Hire & Sales, which offers an extensive range of domestic and international containers for sale or rental in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

To our loyal customers, thank you for your ongoing support and we will continue working hard building a bigger and stronger EST NAVIRE to meet your shipping and logistics needs. If you haven’t used us before, call your nearest EST NAVIRE office to discuss the difference EST NAVIRE can make to your business.