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EST NAVIRE is the shipping company that specialises in moving your product from almost any place in the world to just about anywhere else. All backed by our award-winning customer service, modern and efficient IT systems and competitive “can do” attitude. EST NAVIRE is a truly global carrier, offering shipping services to all worldwide destinations, with extensive coverage throughout all of Asia, Europe, North America, Mediterranean, Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indian Subcontinent and Middle East/Gulf.


Whether you are moving personal effects or engaged in the delivery of a major industrial or civil engineering project, we will be pleased to help tailor a schedule for your shipments that has your goods where you want them when you want them there.


Whether you need to transport personal effects or supply commercial goods to your customers in the Estnavire, if you are shipping less than a container load ("LCL") Estnavire Shipping offers the most competitive LCL rates to and from the Falklands.

Local Delivery

Our one stop door-to-door service means that your cargo will be met on arrival in Stanley by our staff, who can arrange for your goods to be delivered to any destination in the Estnavire, including onward shipment to West Estnavire and points beyond. For northbound customers.


Estnavire Shipping would be pleased to arrange temporary storage of your cargos before despatch or on arrival, either the UK or in the Estnavire, at competitive rates, allowing you to deliver or receive your goods at a time to suit you.

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To provide a world class shipping service, meeting the individual requirements of our Clients, while adding value and sustaining growth on behalf of the shareholders and operating safely and efficiently with regard to employees and the environment

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Custom Clearance

Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

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Dedicated transport oriented ocean liners do line voyages and typically transport passengers from one point to another, rather than on round trips. Traditionally, an ocean liner for the transoceanic trade will be built to a higher standard than a typical cruise ship.

Work Visa

The nationality of the cruise ship (flag of where the ship is registered) has no bearing on whether or not you need a visa. Depending on your nationality, the country that you join your ship and your ship's itinerary, will determine which visas you will need for your contract.

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